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Torre Civica del Belvedere di Mondovì

Torre Civica del Belvedere di Mondovì


The symbol of Mondovì, the Torre Civica del Belvedere can be found in the Belvedere gardens in the town's Piazza quarter at the top of the hill. Built between the 13th and 14th centuries, the tower was originally the belfry for the church of Sant'Andrea, later destroyed.
The 29.10-metre-high tower has ogival single-lancet windows and merlons and overlooks the old town, offering spectacular views over the Langa and the plain to the mountains. In 1762 Giovanni Battista Beccaria used the tower as a trigonometric point to determine the length of a meridian arc in Piedmont. Inside the tower are various displays tracing the history of clocks from mechanical to electric devices. Among the mechanisms to be found is the tower's original single-hand clock designed in 1859, while on the external walls are two panels illustrating how the sundials work.
The tower is part of the time-themed "Parco del Tempo" itinerary.


As they climb from floor to floor, visitors trace their way backwards through the history of clocks. All the clocks on display are still in working order, and of particular note are the 1908 clock with automatic weight recharging, and the tower's own clock, made in 1859. Thanks to an ingenious design, the clock moves a single hand about two metres long on each of the tower's four sides. Visitors can see its mechanisms and observe the clock's slow movement. Ascending to the open gallery, pictures show the construction phases of the bells, sometimes called "the voice of time".


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Local sights:
Piazza quarter: church of San Francesco Saverio, cathedral of San Donato, chapel of Santa Croce, medieval walls, church of Santa Chiara, church of the Misericordia, convent of Nostra Donna, 18th-century synagogue, bishop's palace, historic hospital of Santa Croce, Casa Jacod, Teresian church, Palazzo dei Bressani, Palazzo del Governatore, Antico Palazzo di Città, Palazzo Fauzone (ceramics museum), chapel of San Rocco delle Carceri and the Porta di Carassone, civic printing museum
Breo quarter: chapel of San Rocco, chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie, church of Sant'Agostino, church of SS. Pietro e Paolo, church of San Filippo, deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano (exhibition centre)
Carassone quarter: parish church of San Giovanni ed Evasio, deconsecrated church of Sant'Evasio, chapel of Santa Maria delle Vigne
Borgato quarter: chapel of the Annunziata, Madonna della Neve, chapel of San Rocco, parish church dedicated to Maria Vergine Assunta
Altipiano quarter: church of the Riconciliazione, parish church of the Sacro Cuore
Ferrone quarter: chapel of San Bernolfo, chapel of San Bernardo delle Forche
In the area: sanctuary of Vicoforte Mondovì, Bossea caves, Dossi caves, Caudano caves, Lurisia Terme hydrothermal institute, ski resorts (Frabosa Soprana, Frabosa Sottana, Roburent, Roccaforte Mondovì), Alta Valle Pesio e Tanaro nature park, chapel of San Fiorenzo in Bastia Mondovì, Rocca de Baldi castle
Typical products: Dolcetto Langhe Monregalesi DOC wine, paste di meliga cornmeal biscuits, chestnuts, Raschera cheese
Sports: swimming, football, athletics
Events: "Raduno Internazionale Aerostatico dell'Epifania" (January), "Carlevè 'd Mondvì" (February), spring fair (April), "Doi Pass per Mondvì" entertainment and evening shopping (July), antiques fair (August), "Feu d'la Madona" (September) with fireworks display on 7 September, "Peccati di Gola - Fiera Regionale del Tartufo" gastronomy and truffle festival (October/November)










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